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How To Deduce Life Path Number?

Step 1: Date of Birth Example: dd/mm/yyyy [09/07/1989]
Step 2: 0+9+0+7+1+9+8+9 = 43
Step 3: 4 + 3 = 7 [This is Life Path Number]

  • 1 [One]
  • 2 [Two]
  • 3 [Three]
  • 4 [Four]
  • 5 [Five]
  • 6 [Six]
  • 7 [Seven]
  • 8 [Eight]
  • 9 [Nine]
  • 11 [Eleven]
  • 22 [Twenty Two]
Life path number 1

People with a life path number of one have to learn to stand on their own two feet and achieve something.They usually start out in life by being dependent, and gradually achieve a degree of independence as the mature ultimately they often become pioneers innovators and leaders. One can be self centred and like to be at the head of the line. Consequently they are ambitious, progressive, determined and stubborn. They have inquiring minds and considerable leadership qualities. They have executive skills and can rise through the ranks to the ultimate top position in their field. They have a strong personal needs that need to be met. Although this may be disguised to others, people on a one life path are aware of it themselves whatever their needs are once make sure that they are met. There is a negative side to the one life path. Sometimes one find it hard to achieve Independence and seems overly dependent. Consequently they will be taken advantage by others and will deeply recent it, even though they feel powerless to prevent it. Another negative side to this one life path is that people on it try to build themselves up by pulling others down. They have ego problems and think of themselves first, second and always. Famous people who have or had with 1 life path number are Charlie Chaplin, Salvador dali, Henry Ford, George Washington, Florence Nightingale

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